Get exclusive benefits when you use BNB on Koinfox

Get 25% + 25% Cashback

Now users can get the power of Bracket Trading and Many Other tools created by Koinfox to trade smart and become a #SuperTrader.

Use BNB to benefit from special cashback offer, get 25% + 25% cashback.

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How to get this amazing deal?

Just follw the steps below

  • STEP 1

    Register on Binance using Koinfox Referral ID Register Now

  • STEP 2

    Get 25% discount when you pay your fees on Binance using BNB, plus Earn 25% cashback on the net fees you pay to Binance.

  • STEP 3

    Get additional 25% discount when you use BNB to pay Koinfox's fees.

Terms and Conditions

Last updated on August 03rd, 2019

General Terms

1. To receive this cashback user has to make trade on Binance using

2. The 25% cashback will be given to the user in form of BTC. Except in-case user pays the fees in BNB, the cashback wil be given in BNB.

3. All the cashback will be paid in Koinfox wallet of the users. Hence, to avail this offer user need to have Koinfox wallet enabled before placing the trade.

4. Koinfox wallet will not charge any fees while withdrawing BNB from the wallet.

5. Users paying Koinfox's fees in BNB will be given 25% discount for the first 6 months and 10% for next 18 months. (To be applicable from the date Koinfox starts charging it's fees).

6. Users holding 500 BNB or more in Koinfox wallet, will be given 25% extra Trade mining credits in form of KFT. (More details to be released when Koinfox will start charging Trading fee.)

7. The cashback offer is a limited time offer. Koinfox or Binance reserve the right to withdraw or modify the conditions of the same at anytime.

8. Until Koinfox wallet is launched, cashback will be given into wallet of user's choice. Login to application for more details.

9. Cashback will be applicable for trades placed from 1st May 2019 onwards. More details will be sent on email for registered users.

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