Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers.

Common Questions

Koinfox is the most Intelligent, Faster & Profitable way to TRADE in crypto. We help you trade profitably without any hard work using our intelligent trading platform with its own native wallet.
With KoinFox you can invest and trade across multiple exchanges in different cryptocurrencies using one universal trading platform, as well as, store and earn using our own native wallet.
Our powerful intelligent automated trading tools allow you to invest ‘smartly’. KoinFox has been designed to help you easily invest like a Pro Trader without having any experience.
We are a Crypto Trading & Investment platform that partners with different exchanges in order to get the best prices for our users.
We will be live in many global markets soon. Please follow our news on Telegram to know more about if your country is eligible.
We use the best in class security protocols to ensure the lowest risk for your assets
No, you don't need to store your Exchange keys on the Koinfox server database. They are stored on your native Koinfox Wallet in a completely secure and decentralized manner. No one has access to them except you.
Your funds, private keys, as well as, your API keys are all secured as they are not stored directly on the Wallet. Instead they are stored in a cryptographically secured manner. Technically, there is no stamp of your API Keys or private keys either in our database on central server or on the wallet. They are generated whenever needed. So rest assured with Koinfox.

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