KFT Credits

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers.

frequently asked questions

Q1. How will KFT Coin work?

KFT credits are not coins or tokens. They are loyalty rewards which can be used on Koinfox platform only.

Q2. When will KFT coins be listed on exchange?

KFT Credits are not coins, hence no listing on exchange. They will remain in the Koinfox application.

Q3. When can I withdraw KFT Coins?

KFT credits are not coins/tokens, hence cannot be withdrawn but can only be used on Koinfox Platform.

04. Can I convert my KFT coins to BTC/ETH etc?

No, KFT credits are not coins/tokens. They cannot be converted to BTC/ETH or anything. These can only be used on platform to pay for it's services or services from approved partners.

Q5. Can I send KFT Coins to my friends?

NO, KFT Credits are not coins. They can only be used within your own account only. However, in future we might enable this feature after consulting with various legal and technical advisors. As of today, this is not allowed.

Q6. What can I do with KFT coins?

KFT Credits are not Coins/tokens, You can use them on Koinfox platform to use various activites and pay for various services like:

Paying for Koinfox trading fees, which otherwise you will have to pay in other currencies or tokens like BTC, ETH, BNB etc. Instead of paying fees in that, you can have it paid with KFT credits. You will get special discounts if you hold KFT credits and pay with them.
Paying for withdrawal fees from Koinfox native wallet.
Paying for fees for various dApps that will be enabled within Koinfox wallet.
Can be used for participating in various Airdrops that will be done on koinfox wallet.
Can be used as a payment method to subscribe to other future services offer by koinfox.

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